Our aim is to support the Quality of Endoscopy across the public and private sectors in New Zealand. 

EGGNZ was developed in recognition of the need for a governance structure:

  • to support the National Endoscopy Quality Improvement Programme (NEQIP)
  • to establish a quality improvement framework based on the New Zealand Global Rating Scale (NZGRS), and
  • to establish quality standards for the implementation of the New Zealand Bowel Screening Programme.


Next meeting -  EGGNZ Steering Group

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EGGNZ & MoH Standards are now available for download - click on the Resources tab to access!


EGGNZ provides

A forum for gaining professional consensus and agreement

Oversight to the quality improvement framework of the National Endoscopy Quality Improvement Programme (NEQIP) whose aim is to “facilitate safe, patient-focused endoscopy services that are efficient, accountable and sustainable”

Standards in Endoscopy.

Development and oversight of Accreditation of Endoscopy Services to those standards

Coordination and consistency of Endoscopy Training across medical and nursing specialties